Your Partner in
Healing from Heartache

As your partner in healing, I’m committed to providing you with the highest quality of care in promoting your emotional health and wellness. In working with me in a warm, supportive, non-judgmental environment, you’ll finally be able to look forward to:

• The freedom to pursue your heart’s desires
• Taking pleasure in raising your children
• Loving relationships


“My decision to work with Felice has turned out to be the
catalyst I needed to create positive change in my life.”

It’s within a compassionate, non-judgmental relationship that true change can finally begin!

As a graduate professor, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our relationship, and whether you’re an an individual seeking help, or a couple or family, you’ll benefit from the strategies I develop specifically to meet your unique needs.

Put your painful past behind you and become free of:
• Anxiety & Worry
• Depression
• Anger
• Lack of Focus & Motivation
• Marital Conflict
• Chaos from Divorce
• Abusive Relationships
• Parenting Difficultie

How Can Counseling Help?

Most people wonder how talking to a perfect stranger, albeit a trained professional, can help someone feel better and improve their lives.

In 1994, Consumer Reports surveyed nearly 3,000 people who had been in therapy during the previous 3 years. Over 90% reported significant long-term improvement.

How does talking to a professional lead to that kind of long-term improvement?

Counselors provide concrete strategies grounded in theory, much of which is research based, in order to increase the likelihood of desired behavioral change. Counselors are experts in human behavior; they teach clients healthy ways to cope with life’s stressors, how to cultivate healthy relationships or repair strained ones.

If one could easily change negative, unproductive or destructive behavior on one’s own, our world would be a very different place.

A survey published in the June ’05 issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry states almost half of Americans will have a mental illness sometime in their lives. When we feel physically ill, we see a doctor. There is no shame or stigma in doing that. It is time we view mental health in that same light.


I provide individual supervision, facilitate consultation groups, clinical training and seminars. Visit Program Announcements for more information on my next consultation group.

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